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l’hôtel des vil-e-s – collectif de convergence des luttes associatives, politiques, poétiques, poïétiques, informelles, culturelles, intellectuelles, matérielles, terre-à-terre, expérimentales, populaires, inachevées…

l’embobineuse – venue in marseille, france

felix fujikkkoon – performance, residence, creation, horror museum in marseille

le dernier cri – graphics and visual arts collective based in marseille – graphic artist for l’emobobineuse

radio galere – alternative radio in marseille

crk – venue in wrocław, poland

pulseve – bass and drums duo from torino

tektura – diy independent center/space for creative actions, lublin, poland

kuzeb – venue in bremgarten, switzerland

rnr666– booking, internet radio and magazine in budapest

collective taenia solium – association d’agitation musicale in grenoble

gomorrhe fucking web center – une expérience déplorable du groupe autonome de cyber-réenchantement – contact for record label tocsun records

sabot – you probably know by now

cesta – if you don’t know already, you will soon

kapu – venue in linz, austria

orion – venue in tábor, czech republic

velbloud – venue in české budějovice, czech republic

guudi kildi saal – venue in tallinn, estonia

telakka – venue in tampere, finland

klubi – venue in helsinki, turku and tampere, finland

tvo – student center, which recently closed as an independent music venue in turku, finland

tasse-livre – bookstore and cafe in lyon, france

focu – forum ouvert des cultures undergrounds; a french independent music networking conference held in several different french cities in the 90’s. and 00’s this link is for one of the FOCUs in lyon in 2002.

les 3 louches – cafe/venue in marseille, france

la friche – questionably independent venue in marseille, france

schokoladen – venue in berlin, germany

köpi – venue in berlin, germany

noisolution – record label in germany

eleven – youth center in keczkemét, hungary – music blog in hungary

zabadaks – venue in kuldiga, latvia

kablys – venue in vilnius, lithuania

[a] infoshop – as it sounds in ljubljana, slovenia

metelkova – a community of venues and organizations on an abandoned military base in ljubljana, slovenia

rog – venue in ljubljana, slovenia

fugazi – a preeminent independent band from washington, d.c., usa

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  1. pulseve says:

    instrumental bass&drum duo from torino, italy

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