here is a short list of how we did and will define certain words for the purpose of the discussions, the blog and the Conference debates:

-free from the influence, guidance, or control of another or others; self-reliant
-not determined or influenced by someone or something else; not contingent
-not dependent on or affiliated with a larger or controlling entity
-self-sufficient, unconventional, self-contained, self-reliant, self-supporting

-the art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous and evocative composition
-the art of arranging and combining sounds able to be produced by the human voice or by instruments

-a sphere of activity
-an environment, milieu, or field of interest

-of or relating to views about social relationships involving authority or power
-involving or concerned with acts against a government or a political system

-sponsored or paid for by an advertiser
-having profit as the main aim
-materialistic, profit-making


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