zaragoza/a enristida 15.06.2010

description of/satisfaction with:
there is a contradiction in the definition of the scene. there are powerful forces working against it, but people are still trying.
it’s not too hard to find rehearsal space, but hard to find places to play live concerts.
there are many bands, but they don’t support each other very much.
there are diverse opportunities and people in the scene are open to new styles. but but there is a lack of entry points for young people. there are less collectives, less involved people overall in the scene.
there is no new music scene. the youth seem passive, not curious.
the contact between political movements and social movements is weak now. squatting and anti-militarization ideas used to move people, but now the overall global tendency is to be less political.
people are prioritizing music over politics.

word of mouth is still the most effective method for publicity.
if people want to find out about shows, they will.
there is too much information to sort through on the internet. it’s hard to get the word out about new music. we need to find new tools using the current trends.

scene development/maintenance:
it is important to have spaces in which one can present the ideas/ways of the independent scene. without a space, it is hard to show and prove what and why one is doing something.
you can’t always measure the success of an event by the number of people who attend.
the scene may need to open up to a more diverse array of musical styles in order to grow and stay healthy.
venues which stick too much to a formula force people to pre-associate their program, which means they don’t attend shows that may vary from the venue’s normal program.
it’s hard to get independent bands who become successful commercially to give back, or remain in, the scene. examples like fugazi are hard to find.
in popular youth movements (like rap), it’s hard to prevent people from abusing the independent scene by using it as a stepping stone to commercial success and visibility.
we need to talk more about the reasons for staying independent.
we are not giving a clear picture of our values (or at least, not clear enough).
we need to use the tools available to expose our ideas and do everything with desire.

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