Scene Makers Conference

the Scene Makers Conference is our way to provide a place for networking and exchanging ideas, actions, projects and information.


wednesday, august 17 through sunday, august 21, 2011

CESTA, novákova 387, tábor, czech republic

the swap/market
the swap/market is a space for trading or selling recordings, zines, and other band or label products, as well as displaying info on any initiatives and projects working on sustaining and improving the independent music scenes in europe.

there will also be a communal “dj” system set up for vinyl, CDs and USB connected devices.

we can guarantee at least one table 1.2m x .0.5m per trader/vendor.

the swap/market is open thursday through saturday from 10-18.

the debates
there will be six debates in all: two per day on thursday, friday and saturday from 11 – 13 and from 15 – 17.

each debate will begin with prepared arguments by the debate teams on a given theme and end with a question/answer session or discussion.

the debate themes are listed on the Schedule page.