ljubljana/[a] infoshop (@metelkova) 30.03.10

description of/satisfaction with:
independent means not paying taxes and not abiding laws and rules governing legal clubs.
the audiences are the basis of a successful independent scene.
narrower and more specific sub-genre classifications isolate and divide the scene.
the more motivated concert organizers are those who themselves play in bands.
there is less time to play music for some of the workers at metelkova who are also musicians because of how much of their time is devoted to programming at metelkova.

the rog venue has tried streaming concerts, but doesn’t have enough bandwidth (yet).
personal contact is a more effective communication/publicity tool.
the only two independent music venues in ljubljana are metelkova and rog. they both use radio, internet, posters and friends to publicize events.
facebook is more effective than other web broadcasts/postings.
there is a conflict over which is more effective: personal distribution/sharing of printed publicity or internet publicity. internet access is also available to the police and neo-nazis.

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