bremgarten/kuzeb 27.06.2010

description of/satisfaction with:
there is not much independence in the music scene in switzerland. there is liberty in expression, but people only copy others. they are not free, or they don’t want to be free.
in the 80’s and 90’s the punk rock movement was part of an overall alternative cultural movement, but now there isn’t a reason to do music independently.
yes, i am satisfied. i made a european tour with my band and it was great. one can become well-known through the independent network in europe. and there doesn’t seem to be a problem to find shows if you are a hardcore/punk/crust band.
big venues only book big bands.
hardly any venues for amateur bands.
as the open air festivals get bigger they try to get bigger name acts. they turn down even unknown bands which would play for free.
many bands lost the message they could pass on about the independent scene.
years ago when shows happened in squats, people came from all over. now people are too lazy. they just stay home in their town.
there is no longer a network of swiss squats.
people don’t put out the energy required to cross-support.

the internet changes contact between audiences and bands. intimacy is missing. there is no more looking forward to the band and meeting people because the mystery is gone. information is too available. you can get music for free, and there is an overload of concerts, so it’s hard to pick out special bands.

downloading music is ok, but having a CD or LP with information on the cover is better, more intimate.
there’s a big difference between buying a CD from the band or buying it in a store, or online.
making vinyl is one way to make a statement about the free digital spread of music.

scene development/maintenance:
kuzeb tries to bring bands which understand the purpose of kuzeb. it is important to inform the bands more.
in general, kuzeb needs to tell more people about the way and why kuzeb works.
it is hard to explain all the principles over and over.
many bands don’t appreciate what kuzeb does. sometimes you can feel the bands are grateful (for the food, etc.), but often it feels like the political message is lost.
kuzeb depends on the bar for financial support. there is no fixed price system at the bar. everyone knows kuzeb depends on the bar for support, but people still don’t pay enough for their drinks.
most people feel like kuzeb is just a place to come and consume.
how to bring people in? put on other activities to help open up the house to the outside.

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