tabor/orion 04.12.2010

description of/satisfaction with:
less people care now.
people are lazy.
people come more for trendy things.
more people came to shows in the 80’s and 90’s .
the internet changed people’s choices.
now there are too many activities, too much to choose from.
earlier, people had more interest in new things.
concerts used to be less about the music and more like a gathering place.
people used to come to support underground music.
musicians are no longer used to going out and supporting each other.
for younger people, it’s not important whether bands are independent, but at the same time they don’t know how to tell if they are independent or not.
hard now for new musicians to avoid the commercial path. it’s hard to do all the extra work to be independent, though it is easier now to publicize an event because of the internet.
formerly (pre-velvet revolution) underground music has now become mainstream.
even mainstream is still fairly underground, market-wise, though the dilution is evident.
there are many bands in the independent scene, but many are just using it as a stepping stone to commercial success.
artists in other scenes aren’t open to exposing their reasons for doing what they’re doing.
does alternative mean your music isn’t played on the radio? or that you only play for free?
doesn’t everyone start out independent?
it is hard to find places to do shows, especially for young bands.
it is hard for venues to invite unknown bands.
people don’t want to hear new things.
young people don’t start new organizations or activities.

posters don’t really work anymore.
punks still come to shows because of posters.
personal invitations and word of mouth are the best ways to spread information.
if you are a musician you can find out about bands through friends and bands you play with.
some bands used to change their names and try to hide. it forced people to search for them. the more time you spend looking for something, the more it means to you.
those who want to look for information will find it.
internet radio is growing slowly.
internet publicity alone is not enough.

scene development/maintenance:
there needs to be more interaction between the different parts of the scene: propaganda, bands, producers, audience.
the velbloud makes a monday party, sort of devoted to emerging bands. it is very successful.
more clubs could offer nights for unknown bands.
venues could mix events and include different kinds of acts.
young musicians should have something to say with their music and find others with similar ideas.
if people know what to expect, they are more likely to attend an event.
there need to be more spaces devoted to supporting independent art.
people need to realize that independent production takes more responsibility.
people can be influenced. one young local band got together through influencing each other.
it is important to find new forms to publicize information about alternative activities

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