barcelona/convent sant augustin 16.06.2010

description of/satisfaction with:
the low attendance at this discussion indicates the state of this scene.
there is confusion about what independent means. is it just a stepping stone to commercial success?
most people think political music is bad, or at least bad quality.
there are very few places to see independent shows.
there is a huge chasm between big commercial bands and independent bands. there’s nothing in-between.
the number of good bands is really small. there isn’t any really interesting music for post-rock lovers.
the independent network is relatively new in spain.
the small scene of mostly musicians is intimidating for people outside the scene.
people are generally not curious or they are willing to pay higher prices at commercial venues.

the squats don’t really support the musicians. they don’t pay bands because they claim they are non-commercial.
some years ago the squats were different, more open, but there was a media campaign against the squatters and now it is more illegal to squat than before
the squats only book grindcore/hardcore shows.
in barcelona there are now two venues, where it is possible to organize independent bands. one of them publicizes on myspace their anti-commercial stance and what they offer.

internet is an unreliable method to know how many people actually receive the information.
most information about shows is on the internet.
i use and the internet to find out about bands and shows by following links from bands or concerts i already know about.
there are two free magazines that will also list independent shows.
postering is illegal and the large, commercial venues take up all the legal postering room with huge posters.

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